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This one is the episode that the Numberjacks don't use the brain gain machine.

1, 2, 3, Go / Transcript


Three is in the Cosy Room, trying to do something with a sleeping One and a distracted Two. It involves One being first, then Two, then Three herself. Their Buddy Blocks go down the slide, and Three lines herself up with One and Two, calls their Buddy Blocks to sit in front of them, and prepares to do the trick. It's simply the Numberjacks shouting their names in order, but the alarm sounds before Three gets to shout hers.

In the control room, Agent 17 alerts the Numberjacks that a girl has suddenly gained extra hats: first two cowgirl hats, then three sombreros. Three, due to the number of sombreros being her number, is launched (while Jasper watches) and lands on a sticker.

At a bowling alley, a man's bowling ball gets replaced by two soccer balls, then into three beach balls. Then, a builder's hammer gets replaced by two toy hammers, then into three inflatable toy hammers. The agents observe a pattern: it's always two things that replace the first item, then three items that replace the two. Then, the Puzzler arrives.

Five imagines a girl's backpack being replaced by two, then three, heavier backpacks, a boy's bowl of soup being replaced by two bowls of bad soup and three bowls of horrible soup, and an unseen person dreaming about one, then two, then three monsters.

The Puzzler sends a bubble to Three, who flees, into the Pattern Place mentioned back in "The Cuck-Cuck-Cuck-Oo-Oo-Oo Bird". The Puzzler tells Three that he will let her out if she "find[s] the pattern that's one, two, three, but you are not allowed to see". He then bubbles her eyes shut.

He starts to laugh evilly and the agents suggest that the pattern is in noises. Three realises that he's laughing in a pattern of one laugh, then two, then three, but the Puzzler is not satisfied and sets up a puzzle of nine squares.

The other Numberjacks retrieve Nine (who's hanging out with a cat), while the Puzzler makes the numbers one and two appear and Three makes her own number appear. The Numberjacks and agents tell Three to select four as the next number, but the Puzzler does (claiming Three to be too slow) and adds five as well. Thankfully, Three, with Six's help, adds six.

The Numberjacks decide they have to win the rest of the numbers and the agents help Three say the right answers. Finally, Three and the Puzzler are neck and neck, but he takes away her ability to speak. Luckily, Nine enters right that moment and adds herself on the final square.

The Puzzler flies away, Three and Nine come back, and they do the recap. Back in the Cosy Room, One, Two, and Three manage to do their trick, showing Nine, who asks the viewers to look for a grid of nine squares.


  • One keeps falling asleep in this episode.


  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Agent 17
  • Agent 60
  • Agent 54