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A Circle At Both Ends is an episode of Numberjacks, the 59th episode and the 12th episode of Season 2.


Three's buddy blocks became cylinders (buddy sticks). Five needs to fly out when a boy has trouble with his chalks, thanks to the Shape Japer.


Six and Three are on their way to the gym, Three with her buddy blocks and Six with one of his. At the gym, they reveal that Six's buddy blocks can turn into buddy sticks. Three claims she's taught hers to do the same and one does, but its ends are round as opposed to square like Six's. She declares that it is a "circle-stick" and Six asks if her other blocks can turn into circle-sticks. She says yes and they do, but are shorter and wider than the previous one. Then, one of them grows very tall and falls over, knocking over another one, which rolls away and then grows very fat. Three decides that her circle-sticks might not be "quite ready yet". Just then, the alarm sounds.

At the control room, Four is checking the brain gain machine but the others convince him to stop and answer the call as they don't need it right at the moment. Agent 44 tells the Numberjacks that a little boy is being made to draw squiggly lines instead of what he wants to draw with chalk. Five is launched.

After Five lands, Agent 63 reports a problem at the garden centre. Four is occupied checking the brain gain machine so Three puts it onscreen. The problem is that one of the workers is being forced to knock things over with a piece of wood she's carrying. Then, Agent 81 reports that a man is spiralling out of control while carrying a rolled-up carpet. Four asks if anything might be the same about the chalk, wood, and carpet and the agents reveal that they're all the same shape. Three notes that they're also the same shape as her "circle-sticks". Agent 44 then tells the Numberjacks that that shape is called a cylinder.

Six then wonders why cylinders are causing trouble, but then Five hears and sees the Shape Japer, which makes her suspect that she has something to do with it. The Japer then turns cylindrical and causes a boy's M'n'M container (which is shaped like a cylinder) to shake and a woman's kitchen roll to roll away.

The Shape Japer then calls the empty kitchen roll a cylinder, which confuses the Numberjacks because they believe she could be trying to trick them, and the empty kitchen roll has no middle, however, it does have a circle at both ends. They want to make brain gain, but Four claims it isn't working too well and only works once. Just then, a delivery man's cylindrical box rolls away and a cake splats a woman in the face. Five imagines what would happen if more cylinders (cans, a straw, and another cake) went awry.

Thankfully, the brain gain works to make all the cylinders go back to normal and the Shape Japer gives up and flies away. Five comes back and they do the recap. Later, at the gym, Three's buddy blocks turn into cylinders again and circle her, while Six tells the viewers to keep an eye out for cylinders.

If the Shape Japer carries on making cylinders go bad, anything could happen.

1. Tins of food in the supermarket have got circles at both ends, so they are cylinders that could go wrong.

2. A drinking straw is a long hollow cylinder, so that could be a cylinder that goes wrong! Ew! Oh!

3. Or even a really short and fat cylinder like cheesecake. If that goes wrong, it could be very messy!


Agents: 44, 63, 81

Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6

Meanies: Shape Japer

Goes: Five

Stays: Three, Four, Six


NUMBERJACKS A Circle At Both Ends S2E12