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Bad Circles is the 30th episode of Numberjacks. It originally aired on August 31st, 2015. Famous 5s is next.

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The Shape Japer is making circles go bad by entering the circular hollow and say, "Circle bad!" - Six is ready to sort her out cos he's got a circle.

If the Shape Japer is out there making circles go bad, we have got to do something or else anything could happen.

  1. Wheels might come flying off cars and trucks.
  2. Pizzas might go mad.
  3. Or the Shape Japer might spoil a trampoline and make it too bouncy.

Numberjacks' Speech

[Alice] There was trouble on the beach, the frisbee was stuck.

[Jonathan] And the plate was silly.

[Alice] The Cleaner had problems too.

[Laura] And so did the Gardener.

[Alice] All that Shape Japer's fault, making circles go bad. Oh dear, oh dear.

[Oliver] So we gave that Shape Japer too many circles to handle. We did it.


Numberjacks: Three, Four, Five, Six

Meanies: Shape Japer

Agents: 28, 42, 70, 94

Goes: Six

Stays: Three, Four, Five

DVD: Seaside Adventure