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Belongings is the 9th episode of Season 1. It originally aired on August 12th, 2015. A Game of Two Halves is next and Seven Wonders is previous.


Five is in the gym, teaching Three and Four how to play a game called Thinky Jump. It involves generating pictures on a board and jumping to join the matching pictures together. Three connects two dogs, and Four is about to connect a plane and train (because both are forms of transport) but takes too long mulling it over and the pictures disappear. Then, Three gets her turn wrong by connecting a bird and fish when the correct answer was two fish. Five takes a turn and the pictures are an apple, banana, and truck. She connects the two fruit and then the three of them joke about eating trucks.

The alarm sounds, so they head to the control room, where Agent 16 reports a situation which she suspects to be problematic: a little boy is in drag, while a little girl is wearing a suit that looks way too big for her. Five is sent out due to her knowing about fashion and lands on a road sign.

Two agents point out that the clothes don't match the wearers: the boy is in drag, and the girl's clothes are meant for a man (she's wearing a tie). Just then, a little boy in a kindergarten and a man on the park bench switch places. Five then sees the Spooky Spoon and suspects her as the cause.

Five chews out the Spooky Spoon, but she just gloats and refuses to stop mixing things around. In fact, she decides to up the ante and swaps the outfits of two men (a suit and trunks respectively). Five imagines Spooky Spoon swapping a hamster for a fish, the Dancing Cow for a shark, and the Dancing Cow again for a bird.

Spooky Spoon then swaps around a shoe, bucket, and pizza putting the shoe on the plate, the pizza on the floor, and the bucket on the man's foot. She then gives the tennis ball belonging to the same man to the janitor in exchange for his sponge, which she gives to the man whose pizza was stolen, in exchange for his muffin which she gives to the guy whose tennis ball was stolen. The guy in the restaurant then gets his soda replaced with the tennis player's racket, leaving him with no meal left at all, while the janitor gets the soda can instead of the mop, which is given to the tennis player.

Three fires up the brain gain machine to make the items match up again, and this works. Then, Five, as was suggested by the agents, traps Spooky Spoon with other things that match. She's sure nothing matches with her, but, as the agents point out, she goes with a knife and fork, and she's in a restaurant. Thus, Spooky Spoon is trapped and she starts yelling in frustration. The people get their clothes back, and Five returns.

Five and Six play Thinky Jump, and Five asks the viewers to look for more matches.

Numberjacks' Speech

[Alice] There they are in the funny clothes. Do not eat it.

[Oliver] Not very healthy food.

[Jonathan] You cannot clean things with a pizza.

[Laura] And you cannot play tennis with a mop.

[Alice] Ah! The Spooky Spoon!

[Jonathan] Laura sorted her.

[Oliver] Everything back matching where it belongs.

[Jonathan] And the Spooky Spoon was trapped in a circle with all the things she matches.

[Alice] All the things for eating with.

[Oliver] Well done, Laura.

[All] Hooray!

Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6

Agents: 16, 33, 42, 68