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Best Estimate is the 27th episode of Numberjacks of Season 1 and it is Calling All Agents. It was originally released on August 28th, 2015. One Won is previous.

The Problem Blob makes things go wrong when people cannot estimate - Five to the rescue.


Six is in the gym, preparing to practice a game called Estimate. Three bounces over, wanting to play too. He explains that estimating is making a thoughtful guess, and that the game shows you a number of things and you guess the number. If it's close to your number, you jump on the spot. He estimates six, and she points out that there are actually five spots, but he reminds her that an estimate is just a guess and isn't always exact. Three has a go and does a pretty good job, estimating three when there are four dots. They try to have a go together, but then the alarm goes off.

Agent 28 informs the Numberjacks that a little boy is trying to build something, but he needs four pieces of equipment, can't gauge which pile of stuff has the right amount, and to top it all off, it's moving around on its own!

Five is launched (after Three rings the doorbell) and lands on a board game's box. Then, a female builder needs six nails, but like the boy, she also can't tell which pile of nails has the right amount, and her nails are also moving around. Five then notices the Problem Blob nearby, and sure enough he has slimed the builder in the ear.

On the beach, a male entertainer has been blobbed and has trouble with his balloons, causing him to writhe around and fall over backwards. Then, an elementary school teacher, who is female and has also been blobbed, can't tell which group of children is closest to four. The kids start dancing around and Five begins her imagining.

She imagines a girl having trouble deciding which bunch of sandwiches to pick causing them to move about, a male gardener having trouble deciding which group of plants is closest to three, causing the plants to sprout flowers and one to become sentient and start pushing the trolley, and the Dancing Cow having trouble finding a group of four shoes, causing the shoes to dance on their own.

Three then has an idea: have the people estimate what number of things/people is in what group, like the game she and Six were playing. Three sends some brain gain to make the female builder choose the pile of seven nails, the male entertainer realise that he already has approximately the right amount of balloons, the female teacher choose the group of five students, and the construction kit boy choose the pile of five tools.

Now that the problems are solved, the Numberjacks need to get rid of the blob. The agents suggest estimation because, hey, it worked for the other things! So they have him. He ends up spray out blobs of slime and estimate how many blobs there are. Five, with the help of Three's brain gain, estimates five blobs (correct), then ten blobs (incorrect, but close, it was actually nine). This makes the Problem Blob so mad that he explodes and Five comes back.

After the episode recap, Six and Three go back to their game and Three estimates (correctly) one Problem Blob, while Six asks the viewers to estimate how many nails there are. ending the episode

If the Problem Blob keeps unestimating people, we have to sort this problem out.

  1. You want about four sandwiches, and you cannot decide which plate has the right number, so the sandwiches are behaving strangely.
  2. Or if you needed about three plants bout cannot decide which pot, the plants might start acting strangely as well.
  3. And if the Dancing Cow needed four shoes but cannot choose the right group, the shoes might go potty.
  4. and the crowd of the people stops at a traffic light to allow another crowd through. The first crowd passes as well, and soon enough
  5. or if that boy did arrive. the problem blob might split the bridge. By splitting the bridge
  6. If you enter the Disco Area. By nearing a split path
  7. if crowd of people are watching the city. The blob knocks over the lamppost. And crowd run away. And whole City is set on fire. The town catches on fire and burns!
  8. If you watch the news on Hit Entertainment Company. There will be trouble too!

Numberjacks' Speech

[Jonathan] His pieces were all over the place.

[Alice] I love those nails. I wished I had some.

[Jonathan] I would like some of these balloons. They are mad.

[Oliver] Those children were a bit strange, too.

[Laura] I would not want to be the teacher.

[Alice] But we sorted them all. Estimate.

[Oliver] Sorted them out by estimating.

[Alice] That's better.

[Oliver] Even the children calmed down.

[Laura] And we sorted the Problem Blob.

[Jonathan] Well done, Laura.

[Alice] And made the Problem Blob very grumpy.


Agents: 28, 55, 70, 101

Numberjacks: Three, Four, Five, Six, Zero (doesn't speak)


Meanies: Problem Blob

Goes: Five

Stays: Three, Four, Six, Zero


  • This is the first time a female Numberjack, like Five goes out to sort problems caused by the Problem Blob. Zero appears in this episode. Two did not appear in this episode.
  • The logo has HiT Entertainment in the right corner. A HIT Entertainment Company.