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Boxing Day is the 11th episode of Season 1. It was released on August 14th, 2015. Off Colour is next and 4 He's A Jolly Good Fellow is previous.


Boxes go wrong when the Shape Japer plays tricks, but Six can do the trick too, when someone put him in a box.

Numberjacks: Three, Four, Five, Six

Agents: 33, 85, 94, 101

Numberjacks' Speech

[Laura] Her boxes started it all off.

[Oliver] She has got a lot of stuff.

[Jonathan] So she needs proper boxes. A box is no good without four good sides.

[Laura] And a bottom.

[Oliver] And sometimes a top too. Those were very strange boxes.

[Jonathan] Corners not square? No good at all.

[Laura] We sorted the boxes out, but then there were too many of them.

[Oliver] Luckily there was lots of air in my box.

[Laura] There was lots of jumping in your box.

[Oliver] And we sorted out the boxes.

[All] Yeah.

[Oliver] And the Shape Japer.

[All] Yeah!

[Oliver] Everything back to normal.

[Alice] And you came home.


  • The episode has the same name as the day after Christmas, December 26th.