The Control Room is a room in the Numberjacks' sofa.

This room is where Numberjacks try to keep things under control.

Features Edit

  • The diamond screen, five diamond-shaped screens in a zigzag shape, which shows footage of Agents, along with intros of Meanies and replays of events of a mission. There are five floor buttons that take the shape of the diamond screen.
  • The main screen, to watch problems happening in the real world. There is a remote control like button to change the locations in the real world, for example, when the Numberjacks find a landing number.
  • A camera to check if no one is in the room, before a Numberjack goes out to launch. If someone is on the sofa, a Numberjack rings the doorbell to cause the person to leave the room.
  • The Brain Gain Machine. See here.
  • Every Christmas season, the Christmas tree is located between the main screen and the diamond screen.