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The Control Room is a room in the Numberjacks' sofa.

This room is where Numberjacks try to keep things under control.


  • The diamond screen, five diamond-shaped screens in a zigzag shape, which shows footage of Agents, along with intros of Meanies and replays of events of a mission. There are five floor buttons that take the shape of the diamond screen.
  • The main screen, to watch problems happening in the real world. There is a remote control like button to change the locations in the real world, for example, when the Numberjacks find a landing number.
  • A camera to check if no one is in the room, before a Numberjack goes out to launch. If someone is on the sofa, a Numberjack rings the doorbell to cause the person to leave the room.
  • The Brain Gain Machine.
  • Every Christmas season, the Christmas tree is located between the main screen and the diamond screen.
  • Emergency passageways to lead different Numberjacks in different rooms to the Control Room.
  • An unknown green object located on the opposite side of the Brain Gain Machine. It has grey cables, a green cylinder in the middle, and green stumps circling around it. It looks a bit like a green brain gain machine.

Biography by Four, the Narrator

The Control Room is a very important place. This is where the Numberjacks track things under control.

First of all, you get a call from an agent calling in on the diamond screen. Whoever is on duty, sounds the alarm and the Numberjacks come rushing to the Control Room. On the diamond screen, the agent can tell the Numberjacks about the problem. Then one of a Numberjack goes out of the sofa to sort the problem, as a camera appears and the Numberjacks check the room is clear. If the room is not empty, a Numberjack rings the doorbell, as Three loves to do that. Then the Numberjacks open the doors and do the count down (not more than 6) then a Numberjack scans for a number for the Numberjack to land on.

On the main screen, they scan for numbers that match, so the Numberjack can land safely and be in touch, as the Numberjacks also keep in touch with the agents on the diamond screen. And the other end of the Control Room is the Brain Gain Machine. It joins up the Numberjacks' thinking, so they can sort the problem.

When everything is sorted and a meanie is defeated, the Numberjack returns to the Control Room and see the events on the diamond screen.

Another successful mission - organised from the Control Room.