Numberjacks Wiki

In the Gym

Five: Okay, Three. Are you ready to play "Thinky Jump"?

Three: Yes! Yes, Yes! Please!

Five: Are you ready to think and jump

Three: I am, Are you watching this, Four?

Four: Yes, yes, I've got you on screen.

Three: Oh yes!

Five: Right, Different things will come up on the thinky jump machine.

Three: Lots of things.

Five: You've got to jump on things that match what I say. Car, Cake, Banana, Chair. Jump on things you can eat.

Three: You can eat... banana and cake.

Five: Yeah!

Three: Did you see it, Four?

Four: Yeah, I did! Very good!

Three: Can you play it back to us?

Four: Hang on...

(video speeds up and reverses)

Three: You can eat... banana and cake.

Five: Great! That shows the things you can eat!

Four: Well done, Three.

Three: Let's do some more Thinky Jump!

(alarm goes off)

Three: Oh shame!

Five: Come on, we've got to go.

In the Control Room

Six: Come on, you lot! Call coming in!