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Five (5) is a turquoise Numberjack. She has brown eyes and likes to go on missions. She frequently imagines what would happen if problems are left unsolved. She is rather calm and is really good at looking after the younger Numberjacks. She is the Numberjack that has had the most problems with Spooky Spoon compared to other meanies or Numberjacks.



This is Five's biography.

One of her favourite things is doing jumps with Six in the Gym, as Four did not try. She loves helping the youngest Numberjacks too. Sometimes Three can be a bit of a handful in the Cosy Room.

She loves going out on missions with Three. Missions can be huge and scary sometimes, as Three and her get trapped in the Puzzler's puzzle bubble in In, Out, Shake It All About and have a lot of problems with Spooky Spoon, like battling with her in Out of Order. She can always beat a Meanie if she thinks hard enough. She frequently thinks in a drawing animation as she says, "anything can happen" if a problem is unsolved.

All sorts of things could pop into her brain. She was blinded in Time Trouble by Spooky Spoon and took 10 beeps from the Beeper to fall down. Once she got turned into five states in Round and Round by the Problem Blob: short, tall, thin, fat and empty.

But it's all worth it. Being a Numberjack is great.


  • Five has gone out with Three the most.
  • Five is the only member from the main Numberjacks that has not changed numerical appearance.
  • Bee from The Lingo Show has the same voice actor as Five.
  • Unlike most other Numberjacks, the launcher song does not rhyme with Five. The song uses the line “We need to get out there, who will it be?” Which is often used for Numberjack Three.
  • Five's most well-known quote is "Anything can happen".
  • Five was used to be green in the pilot.

Five defeating Spooky Spoon


"I can't see!"

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