Four (4) is a blue Numberjack. He has hazel eyes.

He goes on more missions than any of the other Numberjacks and is also a mechanic. He’s very sensible even though he isn’t a very big numberjack. Four is a bit nervy and gets the most scared when something bad happens.


One More TimeEdit

When Four went under the train set bridge, Three thought that they might have two number fours, but he turned into a number five.

As soon as he went under another bridge, he turned into a number six.

Off ColourEdit

Spooky Spoon made him disappear because she wanted to take blue things and Four tried to stop her.

Into the TeensEdit

Three sent the wrong Brain Gain by saying one instead of ‘rub out’ the one and turned him into a number fourteen.

More 4Edit

Eight kept saying both sides match more than five times and turned him into a symmetrical four.

Almost HumanEdit

The Problem Blob slimed Four and the man at the same time. He turned into a human and the man turned into Numberjack Four, but it did not work out very well...

Ups and DownsEdit

Spooky Spoon flipped him upside down.

Half TimeEdit

The Numbertaker halved Four into two when everything was back to normal, and then halved him again into one. Three said ‘double’ three times and he turned into eight.

A Different SortEdit

He turned green, became tiny, then became big and wibbly-wobbly.


Sicko mode

Four about to use Brain-gain