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Getting Heavy is the 8th episode of Numberjacks. It originally aired on August 11th, 2015. Nine Lives is next and One More Time is previous.


A Spooky Spoon is swapping light things and heavy things over - Three and Five fly out.


Three and Four are in the gym, weighing themselves with a seesaw. Three thinks she weighs more than Four, but that's only because he's not at the end of the seesaw. When he reaches the end, it turns out that they're the same weight. They then do the same with their Buddy Blocks and find that Four's weigh more than Three's because he has one more than her. Three is a bit put out by this, but perks up when Four reminds her that it's because of their numbers. Three then wants to be sent flying through the air but Four is unsure. He does it anyway, sending Three crashing into Nine and they discuss the difference between their Buddy Blocks' personalities.

The alarm sounds and they go into the control room, where it's revealed by Agent 53 that a young boy's backpack is weighing him down. Three is eager to go and Five reluctantly agrees as long as she can come too. They land on a 53 on a door near the boy with the too-heavy backpack. He looks in his bag to find out that the apple he put in has been replaced by a bowling ball.

A man at a bowling alley has the opposite problem: a bowling ball turns into an apple. He tries another bowling ball, but it turns into a ping-pong ball, while the ping-pong ball two other men were playing with turns into a bowling ball. The Spooky Spoon appears and reveals that she's the one doing it and when asked why, she claims she's doing it just because.

Spooky then swaps a can of soda on a waitress's tray for a janitor's bucket of water and a wheel on a man's car for a pizza that same waitress was carrying. Five then imagines a hamster and elephant, butterfly and cow, and goldfish and whale being swapped.

Spooky brags to Five that she can swap whatever she wants and proceeds to swap another of the man's bowling balls with a balloon belonging to a little girl. She then takes a nap, while the Numberjacks ask the agents what they can do to get things back to normal. The agents suggest sending the Spooky Spoon flying because she's sleeping on a seesaw. Five and Three are too light to do it, but the bowling ball man is the right weight. However, he's too busy collecting his bowling balls. They decide to use brain gain to get him thinking about "having fun", which will hopefully make him jump on the seesaw.

The brain gain makes the man do a little dance and eventually sit on the seesaw, sending the Spooky Spoon flying. The objects swap back and Three and Five return. After the recap, Three, Four, Five, and Six are in the gym playing with the seesaw again. They try to balance the seesaw with all their Buddy Blocks, but Four and Three start arguing about whose Buddy Blocks should go on which end of the seesaw. Five encourages the viewers to figure that out for themselves.

If the Spooky Spoon keeps swapping heavy things and light things over, we have to sort that problem out.

  1. Instead of a hamster, you might get an elephant.
  2. Instead of a butterfly, you might get a cow.
  3. And instead of a goldfish, you can get a whale.


Numberjacks: Three, Four, Five, Six, Nine

Meanies: Spooky Spoon

Agents: 16, 53, 68, 85

Goes: Three, Five

Stays: Four, Six, Nine

Numberjacks' Speech

[Alice] There's the boy. That was heavy.

[Jonathan] It is bound to be with that big bowling ball inside.

[Laura] And that is where the apple went.

[Alice] Watch out! Disaster!

[Oliver] All because of the Spooky Spoon.

[Alice] I do not like her, getting everyone down on the ground.

[Jonathan] That's heavy.

[Alice] Poor man.

[Oliver] Another bowling ball swapped.

[Laura] No wonder he came to get them all back.

[Alice] Just as well he did.

[Laura] That got rid of the Spooky Spoon.

[All] Hoorayyes!


  • This episode marks Nine's first appearance of the series.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Buddy Blocks.
  • The Buddy Blocks debut in this episode.
  • Zero, One, Two, Seven, and Eight are absent in this episode.
  • This is the second time the Numberjacks go out together on a mission.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Spooky Spoon.
  • It’s the first time the Numberjacks ring the doorbell.
  • This is the first time Three does not use Brain Gain on the mission.