Going Wrong, Going Long was the second episode of Season 1 of Numberjacks. It introduced the Problem Blob, and the meanies as a concept. It was also the first appearance of the Dancing Cow, a character who would appear regularly within Five's imagination.

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Three wants to be taller than Four. When she hears Five sing, she decides to sing for ages, making Four go mad.

The alarm goes off and there's a problem. A pencil is growing longer. Four goes out.

Three cannot find a number 4 for Four to land on. Six calls Agent 16 to get the boy to write a 4. The boy does so and 4 lands on it. Four sees a blob of green slime and knows whom it belongs to: The Problem Blob!

Four sorts out the pencil with brain gain. Then the Blob causes more longer-growing problems at the cafe. Four puts everything back to normal and shrinks the Problem Blob. Four then comes home. Then he sees on the screen two pencils the same height. Next he sees the the cleaner's got a twin brother with two same mops.

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  • Agents can help with brain gain.
  • Brain gain inadvertently causes more problems.

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NUMBERJACKS Going Wrong, Going Long S1E2

NUMBERJACKS Going Wrong, Going Long S1E2

  • This episode features the first appearance of the Problem Blob and the meanies period.
  • Only the main Numberjacks are present in this episode.
  • This is the first time Four is seen on a mission onscreen. The previous episode showed Four coming back from a mission.

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  • Four's countdown is not heard before his launch.
  • When Agent 16 appears the third time, her number is not seen.

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