The Gym is a room in the Numberjacks' Sofa, where the Numberjacks play.

Features Edit

  • A playground-like structure.
  • An abacus-like structure.
  • A thermometer, to tell what the temperature is.

Gym Games Edit

  • A board game with hovering dice.
  • Hopscotch. Numberjacks can jump one or two or more squares at a time.
  • Thinky Jump.
  • Jump Pad. Numberjacks can jump on a jump pad, which flings them to a paper to stamp on number prints.
  • Circle Slide. The object of the game is to slide on the dotted line and stop at a red circle.
  • Direction Machine. There are six yellow bulbs on the machine; four of them are on each point of a green tetragram-shaped platform. One is below the platform while the other one is above it.
  • Skittles. Numberjacks play Skittles by rolling the ball to knock down Buddy Blocks.
  • Bloop Ball Bounce.

Trivia Edit

  • In Counting Down to Christmas, Zero messed with the sofa's plumbing and flooded the gym with water, which turned into an ice skating rink, so that some Numberjacks can skate around. At the end of the episode, the ice floor was turned into snow.