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More 4 is the 39th episode of the Numberjacks for the first season.

The Shape Japer makes trouble with symmetry - Four goes out to sort things out.

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In the Cosy Room, Four and Five are taking turns with play tiles, while a curious Three watches. They end up building a person, and are impressed with it, but Three thinks Four should've been more creative rather than copying Five's side. She demonstrates different positions, such as waving and dancing, that Four could have done with the pretend person, but Four is grumpy and maintains that he likes its uniform look. Three begins dancing around, but accidentally takes the "person" apart. Four is distraught, but Five maintains her optimism: seeing as Four's side used to match her own, they know how to rebuild it. They do so, and then the alarm sounds off.

Agent 17 reports that a boy is trying to make a card, but one side is growing longer. Meanwhile, the boy's dad is trying to cut a cake in half, only to have half of the cake grow bigger. Four is launched and lands on a brick wall.

Agent 22 reports that a male builder is having trouble with his piece of wood: it's growing extra pieces, and when he saws them off, more pieces grow. Agents 41 and 38 point out a pattern: these things should match, but they don't. Then, the Shape Japer flies into view and Four gives chase.

In a building, a man suddenly grows a third arm and accidentally hits another man. Then, he grows a third leg which accidentally kicks a woman. Five imagines some glasses becoming lopsided, the Dancing Cow growing an extra horn and all her legs being on one side, and a butterfly being given lopsided wings.

Three calls Eight over to help (because both of his sides match) and starts up the brain gain machine. Eight creates brain gain to correct everything (and everyone) but unfortunately continues to make brain gain after the problems have been solved, which causes Four to be symmetrical and cause the man to have his legs unable to move separately, so he falls over.

Seven shows up (because her sides are different) and makes brain gain that ends up correcting Four and the man. Then, to defeat the Shape Japer, Seven and Eight use brain gain to make the Shape Japer's sides switch between matching and not matching.

Four comes back, they recap the mission, and then back in the Cosy Room, Three observes that Seven's sides don't match but Eight's do. Four asks the viewers (who he erroneously refers to as the agents) which numbers have matching sides and which don't.

If the Shape Japer keeps on making sides not match, we have sort the problem out or anything could happen.

1. If you wore glasses and the sides didn't match, that would look weird and your glasses might fall off.

2. The two sides of the dancing cow match each other. But she might get an extra horn. Or her legs might be one side and none on the other.

3. And the butterfly has a pair of beautiful matching wings. But if the Shape Japer made its wings not match, it wouldn't fly properly at all.


Agents: 17, 22, 38, 41

Numberjacks: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Meanies: Shape Japer

Goes: Four

Stays: One, Two, Three, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Controller: Five


  • Seven and Agent 22 saw the Shape Japer for the first time in this episode.
  • This is the only episode made up of six characters.
  • This is the only time Agent 38 sees the Shape Japer.