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Off Colour is the 17th episode of Numberjacks of Season 1. It was aired on August 20th, 2015 and it is On Their Way. Boxing Day is previous.


Spooky Spoon wants to be the most colourful character around by taking other red, yellow and blue things as Four is about to stop her.

Numberjacks' Speech

[Alice] Lots of things were going missing, and they were all yellow.

[Jonathan] I went out.

[Laura] It was Spooky Spoon taking the yellow things.

[Oliver] Then she started taking red things.

[Laura] And the blue things.

[Jonathan] And then she took me.

[Laura] Jonathan's buddy block helped rescue him.

[Jonathan] And then we sorted Spooky Spoon.

[Alice] She could not make up her mind what colour to be.

[Oliver] And we got all the colours back into the world. Another good job done.


Numberjacks: 3, 4, 5, 6

Agents: 88, 34, 25, 100


Three: Red things! Spooky started taking RED things! Five: But why? Spooky Spoon: I'll tell you why. I am tired of all these lovely colors in the world because they made me look BORING!!!!!

Three: Boo! What a meanie! Spooky Spoon: Ahahaha! Just TRY and stop me! AHAHAHAHAHA


  • This is the second time Three does not use the Brain Gain Machine in this episode.