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One Won is the 24th episode of Season 2 of Numberjacks It was originally aired on August 25th, 2015 and it is Calling All Agents. Best Estimate is next and Nine Lives is previous.

There's only one of everything, thanks to the Numbertaker. Six sorts the things with help from One.


Six and Three are in the Cosy Room. The former is reading a funny book, while the latter is bored and starts jumping around and singing gibberish. Six tells her off for being too loud, so she jumps around without singing, but says, "Jip-jip" instead. Six tells her to go to the gym, but she likes hanging out with Six. Then, One slides down a slide. Three tries to get her to join in, but One only makes one noise at a time and does little jumps. Six likes One's behaviour because she's less distracting, but Three is unimpressed. She tries to make only one noise at a time but can't.

Then, the alarm goes off and Three and Six head to the control room. Agent 55 reports a problem. Pretty standard, since solving problems is what Numberjacks is all about, yet she seems more on edge than the standard agent reports. As it turns out, the problem is that a young girl has fewer toys than usual.

Six is launched, due to both having had a good night's sleep and feeling a bit bored, and lands on a chalkboard. He goes towards the girl's bedroom, and the Numberjacks ask the agents why some toys were taken and some left. The agents conclude that the thief has taken most of the toys but left one of each kind.

A gardener prepares to plant some seeds, but then Six spots the Numbertaker sneaking up on him. When the gardener's back is turned, the Numbertaker takes all but one of the seeds, then the gardener goes back to get more, and the Numbertaker grabs the fork. The Numberjacks ask why and the agents speculate that he will take two of the fork's prongs. They're right, and he takes most of the rake's prongs too. Then, he steals most of the holes in a watering can and the gardeners boot, then leaves.

Six heads off and the agents suggest not letting the Numbertaker see things of which there are more than one. They notice a four-wheeled trolley and Six guiltily frightens the old lady who was pushing it. That gardener from before pushes a wheelbarrow, but he's fine since it has only one wheelbarrow.

Five imagines the Numbertaker taking all but one of some cereal, a flower's leaves and petals, and some people. The Numbertaker tries to take Six (because, while there's only one of him, he's a number more than one), so they decide that, since he isn't interested in ones, they have to launch One.

She lands on a plant's label, and then the Numberjacks decide to enlarge her with brain gain to keep her safe and scare away the Numbertaker. He runs away, One shrinks back down to normal, and they come back.

After the recap, Six goes back to his book in the Cosy Room, Three slides down the slide and manages to only make one noise ("Yay!"), and Six asks the viewers what they have at home.

If the Numbertaker does grab these things more than one, he will keep on grabing things that have more than one.

  1. If you had some cereal, the Numbertaker will grab everything except one bit of cereal.
  2. If you had a plant in a pot, it will have one leaf and one petal.
  3. Or if there were lots of people together, the Numbertaker would make it one person and she will be very lonely.

Numberjacks' Speech

[Laura] She had one of each toy, but she was all right now the Numbertaker was gone.

[Oliver] And the Gardener had a bad time, but he is okay now. I had to scare away the lady with the trolley, so the Numbertaker would not get her cos she had four wheels on the trolley.

[Laura] And the Gardener had one wheel which was okay.

[Oliver] But Mary arrived and got bigger, the Numbertaker ran away.

[Jonathan] I sent out Mary to save Oliver from the Numbertaker.

[Alice] Yeah, that sorted him out.