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One More Time is the 5th episode of Season 1. This is the first appearance of a Numberjack, like Four turning into a different number, like a 5 and a 6. It has been originally aired on October 20, 2006. In, Out, Shake It All About is next and Forward Thinking is previous.


When 1 goes out alone there's one more of everything - 4 rides the railway to the rescue.


The episode begins in the gym, where all of the main protagonists except Three are standing on a high shelf. Five is trying to convince a reluctant Four to do something and demonstrates by jumping off the shelf, bouncing off a trampoline-like thing and onto another shelf, jumping off that, and somersaulting onto a third shelf. Four is still unconvinced, so Six tries an alternate stunt: the same thing as Five did, minus the jumps in the middle. Four believes that stunt to be even harder.

Four considers trying one of the stunts, but then the alarm sounds. The problem is that extra things keep appearing on a toy train. Three, as per usual, is keen to go on the mission, but Four is sent instead due to his interest in trains. During the room check, the woman enters, but she leaves and so they don't have to ring the doorbell.

The four that Four lands on is conveniently on the toy train. Three points out that Four has shrunk, and Five explains that it's to match the train set. Agent 53 then reports that the additional items appear when the train goes under the bridge, and other agents point out that there is a pattern: it's always one item added every time.

Four then takes a ride in the train to see what will happen as Three said that they will see two number fours, but she is proven wrong as Four morphs into a 5. The agents explain that it's because he's a number and five is the next number in line.

An agent then reports a sighting of another Numberjack in the park. It turns out to be number One, who is causing everything that goes under a bridge to turn into one more. Six said that One is adding one more to everything while Five suspects that she's the culprit of the toy train's behaviour too, so Four, still with a 5 body, goes out to put a stop to One's antics as well as preventing the two people from going under the bridge as they began walking. Five imagines the sun and a bird being copied if One does not come back home.

The Numberjacks in the control room tell Four to jump out at the woman with the pushchair and scare them. He isn't sure he can, but they reckon he'd be a better jumper with his 5 body. He manages to scare the woman, but then a guy in a suit goes under the bridge and isn't scared by Four, so he gets copied.

Then, Four turns into a 6 and the man and his clone begin to argue. Then, the agents have an idea: make the men go back under the bridge to subtract the clone. Three starts to make brain gain centred around the idea of "one less", and Four, with some encouragement from Six, finally succeeds in scaring the men away. They run under the bridge and the clone disappears.

Then, Four picks up One and heads to the boy who owns the train set's house, turning back into a 5 in the process. One subtracts the excess toys and turns Four back into a 4.

Four and One go home while Six scolds One for what he did, and they do the recap, then they go back to the gym where Four manages to do Five's stunt (minus the somersault). Five asks the viewers to look for numbers that are one more or less than five.




  • 28, 53, 68, and 94


  • This is the first time a Numberjack turns into another number. Four turns into a 5 and 6.
  • This is the first time a Numberjack scares a real person away.
  • 5 and 6's color didn't change when 4 changes. it was left blue.
  • This is the second episode to have a Numberjack as an antagonist, this time being One. The first one is "The Trouble with Nothing", where there the antagonist is Zero.
  • Agent 68 was mistakenly Agent 42 in this episode.
  • The model train is an LMS 3F
  • The truck Four rides on reads "TARSLAG (1923) LTD."
  • Only time a woman puts something in the toy box while checking the room is clear.
  • The scene where we see One under the bridge became a meme where people refer to One as "Beanos", a combination of "bean" and "Thanos". It is often accompanied by a loud, bass-boosted version of a trap remix of the Spongebob song "Grass Skirt Chase". The meme started in 2019.
  • This the first episode where the numberjacks count the number that is in the launcher down to zero when the numberjack is getting ready to launch.

Numberjacks' Speech

[Alice] That train was very good.

[Laura] And you became the number one more, a 5 like me.

[Jonathan] And that's where the problem was. Can you see One under the bridge? Making everything...

[Mary] more.

[Jonathan] There goes the man and one more man. I became a 6.

[Oliver] Lucky you.

[Jonathan] And scared them back under the bridge.

[Laura] And then one less. Well done, Jonathan. And after all that amazing jumping, you know what you should try now?