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Out for the count is a Season 1 episode for the Numberjacks. Two is out and about and making everyone count wrongly - Six is after him.


Two, Four, and Five are in the gym. Four and Five begin playing catch, but after six catches, Four drops the ball due to Two exclaiming, "Eight!". They try to start again, but Two distracts them by exclaiming random numbers. Five and Four shoo Two away and he hops off in a sulk, still chanting numbers. They resume their game of catch, but then the alarm goes off.

It turns out that there are two boys playing Snakes and Ladders, but they're counting erroneously. For instance, when one boy rolls a five, he miscounts two as five. Three wants to go as she can count, but Five points out that Three can't quite count perfectly yet, so Six is sent instead because he can count perfectly. Three sulkily tries to convince Four that she can count perfectly by rapidly counting to ten, but he pays her no notice.

Six is launched, lands on a vehicle, and goes in to where the boys are playing their game and continuing to count wrong. Agent 61 reports more problems, this time in a cake shop: a woman asked for four cakes, but the woman running the cake shop clumsily gives her ten instead. The agents wonder if something or someone is getting in the way of these people's counting, and encourage further investigation.

As it turns out, Two is in the room with the Snakes and Ladders, and he is unintentionally making them count wrongly by chanting numbers like he was doing in the gym. Six is on his way to the cake shop (going past a cat) when more trouble starts happening at the park: Two has accidentally made a woman feel the need to give eighteen tennis rackets to only two girls. Even worse, when she runs out of rackets, she starts to give them other items instead—- namely a net, shovel, mop, sponge, oar, snorkel, pair of flippers, and a broom.

Five imagines a girl getting eight candles on her fifth birthday cake, the Goldilocks story turning into Goldilocks and the Four Bears, and the Dancing Cow growing four extra legs. Then, the Numberjacks and agents come up with a solution— if counting incorrectly was what made the people unable to count, maybe brain gain about counting correctly would work.

Three activates the brain gain machine, and Six corrects all the bad counting. Then, a man starts to have trouble in his kitchen— he needs to add ten spoonfuls of flour but Two makes him want to add a hundred. The Numberjacks correct this and Six brings Two home. After the recap, Two learns to count to ten and Five asks the viewers what things they can count.