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The Problem Blob is a slime monster which causes trouble by spitting out green blobs of slime which causes any types of trouble. His eye is inside his mouth and it will come out of his mouth as a long tongue. He is very big and heavy and turns blue when he is zapped by the brain gain machine. He has no teeth and no nose but just a mouth. He may be a large, living blob of green slime. He causes more trouble then any other meanie. In Seaside Adventure, he was carried by Spooky Spoon.



♪ If you spot a blob of slime ♪

♪ Guess what big slob can buy? ♪

♪ Uh-oh! ♪

♪ Great big and blubbery, blubbery ♪

♪ Making big trouble, he's the blobbery, slobbery Problem Blob ♪

Five as a Narrator

“Do you know who I think is the strangest of the meanies, the Problem Blob.

Yes, the Problem Blob. He turns up all over the places.

The Problem Blob made all sorts of trouble, like making things longer in Going Wrong, Going Long, doing some strange things to people's feet in Forward Thinking. Too many beans in Say What You Mean, too many bags, oh no. Too many plants in Fair Shares. And Four getting mixed up by Numberjack man, so as the man, at exactly the same time in Almost Human.

But somehow we always managed to sort the Problem Blob, but you can be sure, that is ol' Problem Blob. He'll be back.”