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Say What You Mean is the 23rd episode of Numberjacks. It was released on August 24th, 2015. May The Fours Be With You is next and The Container Drainer is previous.

Be clear what you mean or the Problem Blob will make trouble for you, as 4 finds out.

Numberjacks: Three, Four, Five, Six

Agents: 14, 34, 47, 100

Meanies: Problem Blob

Goes: Four

Stays: Three, Five, Six


Three and Four are in the Cosy Room watching TV. Four, feeling that it's a bit cramped (or "squishy" as he puts it) tells her to budge up, but she goes towards him. When he clarifies, she chastises him for being ambiguous. She moves over, but he's unsatisfied and demonstrates how far he wants her to "budge". Three, still sulky about Four's ambiguous phrasing, says that there's no pointing in budging now as Four already did it. Four agrees, but Three considers budging up anyway, only for the alarm to sound.

The problem, reported by Agent 34, is that a girl was using a too-small hairbrush. Then, when asking for a bigger brush, got a broom. Also, a boy was drawing and wanted a bigger piece of paper but got one that was too big. Four prepares to be launched, and the woman is in the living room, but they don't ring the doorbell: they just wait until she climbs the stairs.

After being launched, Four lands on a door and finds the boy planning to recycle the giant paper and the girl having a friend over to help brush her hair with the broom. The Numberjacks point out that although the kids are making do, it's still a problem and they need to know when things went wrong.

The agents pointed out that those kids wished for bigger items but didn't specify how much bigger. Then, the janitor has trouble using a full-sized broom with a dustpan, so he wishes for a smaller brush and gets an artist's paintbrush.

Four spots the Problem Blob in the gymnasium, and believes that he made the wonky wish-granting happen. Sure enough, there is slime on the back of his boiler suit. He gets hot, wishes for something to wipe himself with, and gets a giant hanky.

At the cafe, a woman orders "a few beans" with her lunch, but she gets slimed, so the waitress gives her three beans. The diner asks for more beans, so the waitress dumps the entire bowl onto her plate. Five then imagines a boy being cold in his bed and getting a doll's blanket, a girl wishing for a bike and getting one that was too big, and a boy wishing for ice cream and getting a whole lake of it. A chimney. (So Santa couldn't come down).

At a picnic, the Problem Blob makes some of the sandwich huge and others tiny. They make brain gain to make the sandwiches the size of a hand and it works, but when the drinks get served, one girl gets a thimble-sized cup of drink, while another gets a bucketful. The Numberjacks make brain gain to make the cups the size of someone's cupped hands. Then, they make a final lot of brain gain to send the blob away, but he only jumps about six feet away. And The sushi group being taken away at the end. So, they specify to send him so far away they can't see him, as the girl, the boy, the cleaner, and the woman are being reverted back to normal.

Four comes back, they recap the episode, then Three, Four, and Five watch TV in the Cosy Room, while the latter asks the viewers to find something the size of their hand.

If you do not make it clear what you want, that is why things go wrong, thanks to the Problem Blob.

  1. If you were cold in bed and you wanted a blanket, you might just get a doll's blanket that was far too small.
  2. Or someone might wish for a bike, and they would get one that was far too big.
  3. Or someone might wish for some ice cream, and the Problem Blob made sure they would get far, far, far too much! Ohh! You got to be clear in what you say.


  • It’s the last time the Numberjacks forget the doorbell.
  • Agents 14, 47, and 100 first appear when all four Agents in this episode appear together.
  • In the first time. Cheeky productions logo appears at the end of the episode


[Alice] The girl wanted a bigger brush, but not that big.

[Jonathan] And the paper was much too big.

[Laura] The cleaner needed a brush to match his pan, and he did not need a giant handkerchief.

[Jonathan] And the lady had too many beans in the café.

[Oliver] It was all the Problem Blob's fault, and he was making the picnic go wrong, too.

[Alice] All the sandwiches were the wrong size, till we made them the size of a hand, and we sent the Problem Blob away, so far we cannot see him.

[Laura] Everything back to normal.