That Episode In Youtube Is Very Odd So I'm Going To Make A Full Movie Just A 100% Full Anyways, Here They Are Edit

Everyone Is Getting Ready For Their Holiday So Check It Out

5: Okay, Is Everyone Ready, 9 And 1?

9: Ready

1: Ready

6: Are You Ready 8 And 2?

8: I'm Ready

2: I'm Ready, I'm Ready, I'm Ready! I'm Gonna Be Sick!

5: No Time For That, It's Time For Our Holiday!

1: Hooray!

The SSB4 Came Like Everyone Did

Shulk: Numberjack 8, Phone Call For You.

8: Thanks, Shulk Hey Mom And Dad! You Can't? Why Not? This Is Awful!

Sonic: It's Okay 8, Don't Cry...

8: I Try To Cry...

Captain Barnacles: Okay Now Then, Male Wii Fit Trainer, Sound The Octoalert!

Male Wii Fit Trainer: Yes, I Can!

Male Wii Fit Trainer Sounded The Octoalert To Get The Dancers From JD1 - JD2019

Captain Barnacles: Octonauts, To The HQ!

The JD1 - JD2019 Came To The HQ

Captain Barnacles: Octonauts The Seaside Adventure Is Here Today!

Everyone: YAY!!!!

6: Get Into The Launcher Everyone

A: Let's Get Started Shall We Link?

Link: Yes!

Who Are The Numbers Going Away?

Which Numbers Are They, Are They Going Out Today?

1 & 9! 2 & 8!

Where Are They Going? On Holiday!

As Numberjack 1, Numberjack 2, Numberjack 8, and Numberjack 9 Arrived

Link: We Made It To The Seaside Adventure!

Numberblocks 1 - 10: HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

Ninki, Twist, And Kit: Wow Wow Wow!

Pit: Whoa!

Rosalina And Luma: Great

Sonic: Cool!

Villager: I LOVE IT!

U: Unbelievable! What Is This Place? The Seaside?

R: Yes, When We Find Treasures, And Finding The X Marks The Spot!

X: That's Right!

Anouncer: Have Fun!

A: So Vowels, We Need Seashells For The Neckalace.

Pit: Very Good.

Hatsune Miku: So We Need 5 Ways Of Making 10 Right?

Zelda: Yes We May, Hatsune Miku!

D: Let's Dig In, Sister!

B: Yes Brother, We Are Going To.

Palutena: Look After The Shores Like It's The Ocean.

Pit: You've Totally Even Notice Me Even Pittoo!

Dark Pit: I Really Like It!

Detective Pikachu: Sounds Good To Me.

Characters Edit

Numberjacks: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Meanies: Problem Blob, Spooky Spoon, Shape Japer, Numbertaker, The Puzzler

Agents: 39, 91, 20, 121, 122