The sphere Shape Japer

The Shape Japer is a purple sphere with a permanent angry face, a grin, and sharp teeth.

She's usually the cause of things changing shape or size, such as mops, and builders poles, or particular shapes having problems. She flies though the air, doesn’t speak much, but laughs maniacally.  She is able to change her shape from sphere to cube at will. She is slightly mad and instinctive rather than calculating.

Trivia Edit

  • Some troubles that she makes don't necessarily have to be involving shapes. It can be based on the numbers that is in a specific shape. For instance, in May the Fours Be with You, she is permanently a cube. Having eight corners, she makes everything with eights go bad.
    • The troubles can also involve how shapes are made. In Slide and Turn, sliding is a process of making lines and shapes with straight edges, while turning is a process of making circular shapes.
  • She appears to have relatively sharp eyes, as she can see shapes that can hardly be noticed. This was first seen in Square Dancing when she sees a man's diamond patterned ties actually have squares being rotated 45 degrees.
  • When she changes into a cube, her eyebrows stretch into trapezium, and her top row teeth are longer while the bottom ones are flat.
  • Although it is not noticeable, the Shape Japer is actually the youngest of the Meanies.
    • It is possible that she is the same age as Three.
  • When she speaks, she has some lisp. This is either due to lack of tongue, or that she is young.
  • She is the only member of the Meanies to be reasoned with. This is seen in Slide and Turn, when Five stopped the Shape Japer from sliding and turning shaped objects, even though she finds another way of causing trouble.
    • This was not successful in Bad Circles, as Six couldn't reason with her.
  • In the Season 2 (2009), the shape of her teeth are changed to semicircles, instead of triangles (but only in the UK version).

Theme Song LyricsEdit

Shape Japer

She's really very strange

Shape Japer

She loves to make things change

Changing faces

Changing sides

Changing shapes

Every single time

Changing shapes

It's the Japer's game

The Shape Japer's back again