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Square Dancing is the 43rd installment of the Numberjacks Series.


The Shape Japer's about squares - One, Four and Nine sort out problems with squares.


Four is in the gym, trying to teach One how to use the jump pad (which is essentially a thing that allows the Numberjacks to use themselves as living stamps). She tries, but goes flying over the paper instead. Her Buddy Block has a go, and succeeds. Four's Buddy Blocks also have a go, and they too succeed. Nine enters, with her Buddy Blocks, and One comments that the jumping blocks made squares. So Nine's Buddy Blocks jump off the pad and they also make a square. Then, the alarm sounds, so Four leaves and Nine suggests an excursion for One later.

In the control room, Agent 22 reports that a boy is forced to dance whenever he steps onto a square of carpet. Four is sent out and lands in a car park. Agent 41 then notifies the Numberjacks that some girls are being forced to dance while on hopscotch squares. Two agents notice that the kids are all on squares and the Numberjacks verify that it is indeed true.

They speculate that the squares are making them dance, and Four wonders why... as the Shape Japer flies up behind him. The other Numberjacks call Four's name, but he doesn't notice until they yell it in unison. When they finally have his attention, Five says, "Behind you!", and he yells at the sight of the Japer.

Then, a woman enters the stadium and despite being nowhere near a square, the Shape Japer manages to make her dance, due, as the agents figure out, to the squares on her shirt. Then, a man in a diamond-patterned tie enters and Four thinks he'll be okay... but he gets made to dance anyway. Four realises that if a diamond has equal sides, it's simply a tilted square.

Five imagines a girl with a diamond on her shirt, a bathtub on a square-tiled floor which sends the boy flying away, and even a house (with square windows) dancing.

Then, Four is made to dance despite their not being any squares on or near him. The agents figure out that it's because four cubes can make a square. Then, Nine and One appear onscreen, going for a walk on the grass. The others have Nine help Four (and One tags along) but tell them to be careful since Nine and One can also make squares with their Buddy Blocks.

They decide to make brain gain to create non-affected squares, so the Shape Japer flies away in frustration and One, Four, and Nine come back. After the recap, One, Four, and Nine try to make a big square with all their Buddy Blocks, but they can't. Nine asks the viewers how many more blocks they'll need to complete the square.


  • This episode was released on March 28, 2007, the same day as Luke Roessler's birthday.
  • At the end of the episode, it would take two more Buddy Blocks to complete the big square 1, 4, and 9 were trying to make (16 blocks).


Agents: 22, 41, 79, 95

Numberjacks: One, Three, Four, Five, Six, Nine

Meanies: Shape Japer

Goes: One, Four, Nine

Stays: Three, Five, Six



NUMBERJACKS - Square Dancing - S1E43