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Takeaway is the 14th episode of Season 1. It initially aired on August 17th, 2015. Cuck-cuck-cuck-oo-oo-oo is next.

Not just a few problems, lots of them, the Numbertaker is taking things that there is only one of, when Five found a 14 for Four to land on, the Numbertaker took the 1.

When the Numbertaker ran away very fast after he ended up very confused taking all of the blades of grass, he dropped 7 things on the grass in the park: one doll, one tractor, one fruit, one unicycle and three juggling balls. He also dropped the number 1 on the grass in the park, which he took from next to the 4.


The episode starts off with Three and Four in the Cosy Room. Four takes the Boing Ball out of the box, then (possibly intentionally) jumping onto the Boing Ball, making it bounce everywhere and knocking over all of Three's beautiful things.

Four trips over one of Three's beautiful things, then they argue. The alarm sounds and they both go to the control room. When they arrive, Agent 28 reports a problem. A girl's doll and a boy's truck were being taken away by a hook. The Numberjacks agree to sort out the problem. Four goes out to solve the problem.

After they found a fourteen, the number one from fourteen disappeared. Nonetheless, Four can still land on the number four. The agents pointed out that the doll, the truck and the number one disappeared because there was only one of them.

Then, a man was filling a wheelbarrow with sand. When the man wasn't looking, the spade in the wheelbarrow got taken away. An apple and a unicycle were also taken away. Then Four spots the meanie of this episode, the Numbertaker.

Five then imagines what would happen if things carry on. The Numbertaker might take our only sun, then it would be dark everywhere. It would be better if the Numbertaker took a cloud. There are still a few clouds left to bring us rain. If the Numbertaker only took one raindrop, it would be even better because nobody would notice a difference.

Five snaps back into reality with an idea, to get the Numbertaker to take things that there are lots of. Three fires up the Brain Gain Machine. Three stops the Numbertaker from taking things if there are only one. At that time, the Numbertaker was at a juggling show. But to no avail from the Numberjacks, the Numbertaker took each ball one by one, until there was only one left. The Numbertaker then heads to the cafe.

When the Numbertaker was at the cafe, he was going after the fruits again. He tries to take the grapes one by one, but at least it will take him a long time. But the Numbertaker took the grapes one by one very fast until there was only one left.

The agents then suggested to get the Numbertaker to take the grains of sugar. The Numbertaker tries to take them one by one, but then gives up and runs to the man with the wheelbarrow. Three got the Numbertaker to take the grains of sand. He gave up again.

Finally, the Numbertaker goes to the park. Three got the Numbertaker to take the blades of grass. The Numbertaker tries to take the grass, but he fails. At last, the Numbertaker ran away, dropping everything he took from everybody on his way.

Four heads back home and they all watch what happened on the screen. After that, Three gives Four his Boing Ball back, while Four gives Three her beautiful thing back. Five asks the viewers if there is anything on their body that they have only got one of, and if there is anything on their body that they have got lots of, before the episode ends.

Five's imagination is:

  1. We've only got one sun. If a giant Numbertaker took that, it would be dark everywhere. We don't want that.
  2. It would be much better if he took one cloud. There are a quite a few clouds left to bring us rain.
  3. And if we could get the Numbertaker to take one raindrop, there are so many of them we hardly notice one being taken.

Numberjacks' Speech

[Alice] The Numbertaker was only taking one thing.

[Laura] There was one doll and one tractor. We had to get him to take things there were a few of.

[Jonathan] And he took the juggler's balls but he kept on taking them.

[Laura] Like he took to the grapes cos there were a few of them.

[Jonathan] I spilled the sugar. Yeah.

[Oliver] And the Numbertaker cannot take lots and lots of grains of sugar.

[Laura] Or the sand.

[Jonathan] Or all those blades of grass.

[Alice] Yeah, that sorted him out.

[All] Hooray!

[Laura] And everyone got their things back.


Agents: 28, 70, 85, 101

Numberjacks: Three, Four, Five, Six


Agent 42 is played by Agent 101. He did not say "Agent 42/101 here", so due to this episode being the unknown agent's only appearance of the series, it's unknown what number he is.

The Numberjacks did not play the Numbertaker's song