The Numbertaker aka Lewis Brindley is a Lebanese vegan live-action human character (with an exaggerated top hat and a white robe, based on a vegan undertaker). He is also the only meanie to be a human, insulting his Gym instructor on a regular basis. He causes trouble by drinking Tea after adding unknown white tablets to it, the Numberjacks have to be particularly careful when dealing with him. The sleeves of his long white jacket on either side hide various attachments – a vacuum cleaner, Gin, an automatic picker, a net, a magnet, a long pole, a hook, sometimes just his own hands, and several vegetables as he is a vegan. He neither speaks in any of his appearances, nor smiles much either. He only makes sounds heard to be "Shut up".

He sometimes becomes his alter ego, Bee Princess, and is the "Numbermaker", causing problems by creating numbers and numbers of things. He's much loved catchphrase "SHUT UP" is quoted by many of his dedicated fans. He has been multiplied twice; on both occasions the multiple versions of him despised each other and all ended up vacuuming each other up in Into The Teens and Half Time. He's the only villain that does not talk except when on the hit Podcast Triforce episode 95! However, he can be seen at several times throughout the series cucking in the background.

In his final appearance the Numbertaker is caught in Bristol pushing all the unwanted numbers into the canal.

Theme Song Edit

Numbertaker, Numbertaker, have you seen a Numbertaker?

Taking all the numbers you can see?

Nicking, nicking, picking, snatching

He's as mean a Numbertaker as can be.

With his number-sucker-upper,

O' Rubber Tree - Screw the Nether

He's a number mucker-upper

He's as mean a Numbertaker as can be!

Where's the modding API?