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Spooky Spoon is a female anthropomorphic spoon. She also has a particular dislike for Five.

The episode Time Trouble marks the first time she was completely obliterated. Spooky Spoon is an inside-out spoon that is pink, has a necklace and her end goes smaller, bigger and even smaller. Her eyebrows are blue-green. In interesting times, she was in a story instead of being in the real show.

She always feels relaxed when people are uncomfortable.


Theme Song Lyrics

♪ Uh-oh! ♪

♪ One, two, three! She's mean, she's bossy, she's very cruel ♪

♪ She thinks she's great, she thinks she's cool ♪

♪ She's only plastic, but she thinks she's fantastic ♪

♪ They do now think she is... ♪

♪ Spooky Spooooon! ♪

Biography by Six, the Narrator

All the beautiful things have got mixed up. That Meanie who mixes things up is...

...Spooky Spoon.

She loves mixing things up and stiring them. She mixes up heavy things and light things in Getting Heavy and put things in the wrong place in Belongings. She also mixes things up and put them in the wrong place and puts things in the wrong order in Out of Order.

She also makes things which move cannot move in Stop and Go, and things that should stay still get moving, but the Numberjacks can sort her out.

The Numberjacks did the trick.